BioBox (for 5 users)
BioBox XL (+)
BioBox M    
Carrier water (small amount of water)
Pressure water, sink (small amount of water)
Pressurized water, sink, shower
Pressurized water, shower, dishwasher
Pressurized water, shower, dishwasher, washing machine
BioBox M    
BioBox - selection guide
BioBox SLIM    
The BioBox treatment plant for gray water has been developed to clean the gray water produced in a holiday home. The basis is Raita's longexperience that for decades has supplied gray water treatment equipment to properties, large and small. To get the most out of BioBox-system, in addition to this selection guide, take a look at our other products and contact us. Cost-effective, easy-to-maintain and efficient gray water treatment plants - let us help you with the planning to choose a system that matches your and the property's needs. It is important that the system is properly dimensioned, there should also be room to expand the capacity later if needed.  
BioBox cleaning units
Equipment level
Usage rate Qm3  /year
< 5 m3
< 10 m3
< 20 m3
< 30 m3
< 70 m3
< 40 m3
< 60 m3
< 90 m3
< 60 m3
< 100 m3
< 120 m3
< 120 m3
< 150 m3
< 180 m3
Improvement of the discharge site Absorption wells Biomodules Absorption packages
BioBox and grease well service set SAV drying and composting Composting
Service and use of BioBox
Installation accessories Extension parts, wells Thermal insulation packages Heating packages
SLIM 50l/h - 400 l/ 24h
M 50/h - 400 l/ 24h
XL 75/h - 600 l/ 24h
XL+ 125l/h - 750 l/ 24h
BioBox unit
BioBox accesssory
Accessories to fit the BioBox system to the needs of the property and the user.
Nature thanks - no environmental impact - smart gray water filter, long service life (50-100 years) low maintenance costs, easy to care and maintain.