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BioBox          by Raita Environment
BioBox (5 persons)

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M/SLIM 50l/h - 400 l/ 24h
M/Sl+RW 75l/h - 500 l/ 24h
XL 75/h - 600 l/ 24h
XL+ 125l/h - 750 l/ 24h

Choose the right model depending on the

comfort level.

Portable water (small amount of water)
Pressurized water, sink (small amount of water)
Pressurized water, shower
Pressurized water, shower, dishwasher
Pressurized water, shower, dishwasher, washing machine

Accessories to increase capacity

When the environmental toilet is used as a toilet solution - Grease trap 100,250  (>200 days of use per person yearly) - improves grease separation, can be serviced yourself
When toilet + closed tank is used as toilet solution  - Precipitation tank 450, 600, 1300 -  increases treatment capacity / h - improves grease separation, serviced (emptied) at the same time with emptying the closed tank
When the environmental toilet is used as a toilet solution - Biomoduls - increases treatment capacity / h - the system can be placed closer to the water source
SK100/ 250
Bio- moduls
SK450/ 600

Accessories that help with the installation  

Installation below the earth level. 
BioBox installation on top ofthe earth level.
Heating cable
Infiltration well
Insulation package    -