Clean-Tech from Finland Raita BioBox cleaners are developed in Finland. We have developed and delivered graywater cleaners since the 1970's. BioBox's plastic filtration system has been developed in the 2000s. There are tens of thousands of BioBox cleaners in Finland. We export BioBoxes to several countries. The purification rate is very high.   

Cleaning graywaters

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BioBox anvantages:

1) Small of size - easy to install. BioBox has been developed for holiday homes graywater treatment. Its small size makes it easy to install.

2) Effective - efficience of a large-sized soil

infiltration in a small but efficient unit.

The large area of BioBox filter elements (equivalent to ground filtration of 12 m2) and good air circulation make it very effective in use.

3) Long life (50-100 years) - no need to dig up

and new after 10 years - replaceable filter


BioBox elements are cleanable. They will be replaced every 10-15 years.

4) Easy to handle - not continuous filtermass

moss or peat exchanges.

BioBox has plastic filtering elements that can be cleaned. Cleaning is easy to carry out.

5) Reasonable Module Build - You do not pay

for unnecessary capacity.

BioBox capacity can be easily increased.

6) Compatible with Envirotoilets

BioBox maintenance (also with greater capacity) can be done by oneself. Capacity increase is  possible with bio-modules.

7) Compatible with septic tank / wc

BioBox maintenance (also with greater capacity) can be done at the same time as emptying septic tank. Capacity increase is  possible with precipitation tanks before BioBox.

8) If you want to reuse treated wastewater,

the cleaning efficience can be further


Additional filters are available for BioBox to increase cleaning efficiency. Treated gray water can be reused, irrigated, rinsed in toilet, etc.

9) Operating costs to a minimum.

BioBox does not need to change filter masses or add chemicals continuously. You save up to hundreds of euros a year.

10) Many installation options.

BioBox is usually installed in the ground. It can also be installed under the terrace or inside, for example in the basement. .
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The BioBox process utilizes

natural bioremediation

Enhanced from natural method

Organic load and nutrients are degraded by biological microbial activity (biofilm). The same method is used by traditional ground filters absorption fields, i.e. natural microbes, accumulate to purify nutrients water when they have the right conditions to operate. BioBox purification is based on the biological microbial activity that takes place in the filter elements. There are three different densities of elements (290, 350, 450 m2 / m3). With their help the biofiltration (biofilm) process, which is common in nature, is intensified in a small space. The microbes in the elements remove organic matter, nutrients biologically. Large surface area of the elements (equivalent to earth filtrations 12 m2) and good air circulation means that the cleaning is very efficient. BioBox works well in areas with load variations, enhanced filter reacts quickly to a change in load. The cleaning efficiency and technical properties of the BioBox comply with EU standards see (“declaration of conformity”). BioBox has been tested, see  (purification efficiency tested by Valonia) , and it’s the cleaning method is well-known and widely used, see (SYKE summary BioBox). Purified water can be discharged into a ditch or filtered into the ground. Easy to care for - affordable to use Biobox has very low operating costs, the need to replace the filters every 10 to 15 years and the device does not use electricity. The filter elements are lifted up and cleaned then necessary (at least once a year) by brushing or washing. Waste to be composted onsite or delivered for waste management.
BioBox Cleaner         by Raita Environment
Our large selection has a suitable solution for a small summer house as well as for larger objects.