BioBox graywater cleaner         by Raita Environment

BioBox XL

Modular system

4-step cleaning process:

1) 40 l of precipitation treatment -      pre-treatment 2) grease removal - pre-treatment 3) microbiological cleaning -     surface area of 12 m2 4) post-precipitation 10 l

Capacity for a well-equipped holiday home

The BioBox XL cleaning unit is enough for the needs of a holiday home. The hourly capacity (75 l / h) is sufficient for a well-equipped holiday home. The property has a water pipe inside and the hot water heater is used; water is used in the sink, shower, dishwasher, users up to 5 people. The daily capacity (600 l / 24h) is even enough for the needs of a normal house. BioBox XL's four- step cleaning process is efficient, easy to handle and purified water is led into the natural environment, such as a stone bed or an open ditch.
XL M graywater cleaner