BioBox graywater cleaner         by Raita Environment

BioBox M

Modular system

Two-step cleaning process:

1) grease removal - pre-treatment 2) microbiological cleaning -     surface area of 12 m2

The capacity is enough for a summer cottage

and a cottage saunas

BioBox M's cleaning unit is enough for a summer cottage or a cottage sauna (no shower). The hourly capacity (50 l / h) is enough for the summer cottage to handle waste water. The summer house has a water pipe inside and the hot water heater is used; water is used in the sink. The daily capacity (400 l / 24 h) is enough for 5 people. In a cottage sauna, the water is heated in a pot or the like, there is no shower in the room. BioBox M's two-step cleaning process is efficient, it's easy to treat and purified water is fed into the natural environment, such as stone bed or open ditch.
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